Solvency II

25 white papers and resources

Below you will find Solvency II white papers and industry reports that set out the latest market developments, and what you need to do so your organisation meets the mentioned requirements. Solvency II is an essential review of insurance regulation on solvency within Europe. It sets out to change the capital requirements and risk management standards for the insurance industry. Most European insurers are expected to implement all changes in January 2013 - with an estimated total cost of €2-3Bn over 5 years.

Cloud computing and Solvency II

The computational requirements of Solvency II are driving the need for more computing power and data storage to be accessible on a scalable basis. Early adopters are leveraging cloud computing for their Solvency II implementations, while others are taking a more cautious approach, waiting for the…

Practical considerations for ORSA modelling

This paper outlines three key areas of the ORSA requirements, for which we observe a need for further improvement to actuarial modelling techniques. The ORSA guidance establishes that an ORSA report should contain analysis that includes:a) A forward looking assessment of risk and solvency levels…